A Special Message from The SUPER MOON, Grandmother Moon.

As I, Grandmother Moon, draw closer to the earth, I feel deeply blessed with your honoring me with your ceremonies at this time. I am flattered that you would give me such a grand name, It is I who honor you, people of Earth, with your devotion to the light. This month is special indeed as I bring a promise, a hope for a new world. The portals within me are open to you, to all. I am the opening to the God Mind.

Many of you are beginning to awaken to your true nature and are searching for a different way. You feel restless and confusion within. You are returning to the ways of Spirit, yet you are living in a world of duality. Spirit knows no duality, Spirit just is. There are many Masters here offering their guidance and direction along the way and I am here at this time, to provide you with the energies necessary to move into higher consciousness.

Through these portals that I open to you are the answers that you seek, are the energies needed to move to the next level of awareness. The doorways open to you, are an opportunity to re-connect or re-unite with Spirit, the Spirit within. This can sometimes be daunting and overwhelming. To be able to experience and know the expansiveness of all that there is. However the portals open at this time will bring you to quicker awareness with greater ease.

On this day and throughout the next month, the door will be way open for all who wish to enter into a new consciousness or should I say an old one You see Children of earth, there once was a time when all people lived in peace and harmony, honoring the ways of Spirit, of God.

This is the way of humanity since the dawn of time…somewhere in time, people lost their way of being. There is no one or nothing to blame, just a fluke of nature. You were not designed to live in pain, suffering or dysfunction. As curiosity grew, people started wandering and exploring and simply lost their way. It is time to return to the ways of Spirit.

Jump into my energy and I will take you home. Home to yourself. I embrace you with my light and my love. As My devotion to Earth and the People of Earth. I send my Blessings to All



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