A Message from Mother Earth

Mother Earth Says:

Children of Earth, you are but at the adolescence of change and my new cycle of change begins. There have been many before and there are many to follow. You see I am what you would consider of middle age and have a long way to go before my time expires and I have seen many civilizations come and go. This time, it is my wish to have a peaceful blessing, an easy change. Yes there will be some discomfort to humanity, but not like of the past for I have grown to maturity and find no need to make things more difficult than necessary.

Many are concerned about pollution and the human destruction of earth. I laugh simply because you are like my children who are messing up the house. You have yet to learn, I nurture you and feed you. When you lay your head upon the earth, you are laying in my arms, my bosom. I comfort you like a child, calming you with the beat of my heart. And as our hearts begin to beat as one, then there is peace.

This is my prayer, please make it yours.

Dear Spirit of Heaven and Earth, hear our prayer.
We ask that you help us and mother earth to return to a way that once was.
Where we lived in harmony with each other and worked together. Where heaven and earth were one.
Where people lived in harmony with nature and gave back.
Where we saw the blessing and beauty of earth. The gift of being human.
Please bring these changes in a loving and gently way and help us to embrace these changes with open hearts.

With the beat of my heart, I wish you to pass this on to others so that we may pray together as one.

Your Loving Mother…Earth


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