A message from the Masters of Light & Ascension

As the sunlight shines down through the clouds from the heavens above, know that we are with you. As Spirits shines its light upon the planet, these are joyous times for the earth, for change is upon you. A change that we lead to the creation of heaven on earth. As it once was and is meant to be.

Yes my children there are changes and often there is turbulence with change. Know that we are with you helping along the way. That you are being guided and protected through this journey. Ask for these changes to come in a loving and gentle way for you. As you accelerate, ask that you stay in harmony and balance in all areas of your life.

Through out this summer, you are in the midst of change of your own self…..a change that will bring you to a clearer, higher understanding. You are in the process of releasing, or letting go of the past. You are cleaning your closets so to speak. That is why the past is surfacing for so many of you . The past must be settled, or healed and let go. There is no correcting to be done, simply center and come to peace with the past. Do not dwell on or over analyze over what once was, for it is done. Move forward into a bright new beginning.

We need your help at this time, your requests, your prayers……what do you wish, what can we do for you. There are many of us who are awaiting your call, too many to count. Some of us are Masters who once lived on earth so we know the complications and confusions that you face. Many of you are at the early stages of awakening to your gifts and to who you are. For many of you, it is yet to be determined as to what your purpose or role you will play as you awaken.

This is the first time in history that so many of you will be awakened at the same time….What a joyous time indeed…..

With our blessings to you …..the Masters of Light & Ascension


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