A Message from the Future- “The Blue Planet”

The people of Future Earth have recently asked me to periodically channel them. I was fortunate enough to connect with them for the first time around 1995 …..They are very beautiful in their energies and are very divine.

So here is the first of many messages from our children’s -children’s-children. This Channeling is from the time period of 2113 through 2178…..and in time the channeling’s will become smoother as I adapt to their energies….enjoy!

We who speak are your future, of your future. We have now been able to open the channels of communication between us….bringing you guidance and hope for a different world. We are creating bridges of light that span all time and space, to let you know that your efforts are not in vain.

There are those of your time that are living in fear and worry. We say there is nothing to fear. There are many light beings sending energy to the world, helping to support the changes needed at this time. We of the future are relying on your ability to change. For without this change, the future as we know it will not exist.

Some say that the conditions of the world and society are getting worse. We say, do not move into this way of thinking. Look at all the good that is being accomplished at this time. People and country’s working together as never before. You must sort out the truth that lies right before your eyes, often hidden amongst the confusion that negativity creates. If you focus on fear, that is what you will see, or create. If you look for goodness and love, then that is what you find.

We live in a world of peace, where all work in harmony with each other. Where there is no illness or starvation…..Yes, because of you and your willingness to step forward into the light at this time, it will change the ways of the world. Your efforts will created the world that you dream of. Heaven on Earth.

As you have great reverence for your ancestors, so do we for you. We see what you are capable of and all you have done to preserve our world, we learn from you wisdom & strength. You have created us and our world through your love…. for YOU are our Ancestors…..

We ask you to spread your light and share this message, to pass it on to all who will listen….pass it on with love

Know that we are always with you, guiding you all the way…..
With much love…..The Keepers of the Blue Flame

I wish to thank all of you for allowing me into your hearts e


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