A Channeled Message from Thoth & Isis by Aitreyia

Greetings from Sirius …We are here to wish you a wonderful day.

We are here today and with you everyday to help with the healing of humanity. I Isis am here to help with the healing of the divine feminine and masculine….it is time to set aside the battles within you and realize that you carry within you both of the divine. Humanity has been designed to carry both and For many generations now, there has been this separation that has brought much learning yet much confusion.

Men have been battling the feminine and women have been battling the masculine and visa versa. During the development of Egypt, many eons ago….before your memory or history depicts, we were united within ourselves, honoring both the divine. With each and every situation, we knew and know what energy is needed to bring forth harmony. To flow with each situation with greater ease….there was peace on earth.

WE as man and woman, worked together to create paradise….The rivers flowed and there was abundance, there was joy and celebration.

This is why we come to you today…..so you can know that this is still possible…..both Thoth and I are here, among many others to help re-create this time of peace on earth…..I am here to help you to heal the wounds within you and to integrate the to divine aspects that are within you, so that you can return to this harmony that was designed for humanity. When men and women respected one another and flowed in harmony….where women were honored and knew how to represent the feminine God or Goddess, they were proud to be women and did not compete with Men……and where Men were honored to represent the masculine and knew there place a Men, representing the God. There both respected each other and the divine role that they played. Neither was greater or less then, but equal with each other……Each knew who they were and honored that.

In am here to bring healing of the wounds within you and to help you know who you are within yourself. I am here to bring out the divine that you are in all that you are……Call on me as I am of service to you in the light……….Your Loving Isis



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