September stone of the month: Rainbow Obsidian


The beautiful Rainbow Obsidian helps create a nice grounding energy in our lives. It resonates closely with our Root chakra while still connecting the rest of your energy fields. Typically we feel this particular stones energy like a casing around our auras because it connects to us through the emotional body. This stone helps us through transitions, and transformations.

Rainbow Obsidian helps us find our own inner flexibility and freedom, but keep us grounded at the same time. This stone is a great cleanser of negative energies, and focuses not only on our environments but also our emotional state. Jealousy, greed, resentment, and anger are all filtered out, and cleansed by this beautiful stone. Rainbow Obsidian is also a powerful meditation partner as it helps us to dissolve our fears and barriers.

Rainbow obsidian gets its colors from air bubbles inside of it that refract the light to give us a multi-colors shimmer on this otherwise black stone. Come by the shop and check out our selection of Rainbow Obsidian spheres!

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