October 2015 Product of the Month: Pendulum’s



Pendulums are among the most popular divination tool because they answer a clear “yes” or “no” rather than offering options and possibilities. They can also be used to find lost objects, clear energies from yourself, your surroundings, and others. There are many different types, shapes and sized of pendulums. When looking to acquire a pendulum choose one that draws you – both by its looks and how it feels when you hold it.

Pendulums are typically made from metal, wood, semi-precious stones or crystals, and usually come with a chain or cord attached. The pendulum is not a magical implement but a tool which allows you to tap into your own higher self.  Because of this it is very important to “clear” your Pendulum prior to use, and after each use. The great thing about pendulums is it is a direct link to talking to YOUR spirit, and once fully synchronized with you it can help you on your path.

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