October 2015 Product of the Month: Pendulum’s


Pendulums are among the most popular divination tool because they answer a clear “yes” or “no” rather than offering options and possibilities. They can also be used to find lost objects, clear energies from yourself, your surroundings, and others. There are many different types, shapes and sized of pendulums. When looking to acquire a pendulum choose one that draws you – both by its looks and how it feels when you hold it.

Pendulums are typically made from metal, wood, semi-precious stones or crystals, and usually come with a chain or cord attached. The pendulum is not a magical implement but a tool which allows you to tap into your own higher self.  Because of this it is very important to “clear” your Pendulum prior to use, and after each use. The great thing about pendulums is it is a direct link to talking to YOUR spirit, and once fully synchronized with you it can help you on your path.

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September stone of the month: Rainbow Obsidian

The beautiful Rainbow Obsidian helps create a nice grounding energy in our lives. It resonates closely with our Root chakra while still connecting the rest of your energy fields. Typically we feel this particular stones energy like a casing around our auras because it connects to us through the emotional body. This stone helps us through transitions, and transformations.

Rainbow Obsidian helps us find our own inner flexibility and freedom, but keep us grounded at the same time. This stone is a great cleanser of negative energies, and focuses not only on our environments but also our emotional state. Jealousy, greed, resentment, and anger are all filtered out, and cleansed by this beautiful stone. Rainbow Obsidian is also a powerful meditation partner as it helps us to dissolve our fears and barriers.

Rainbow obsidian gets its colors from air bubbles inside of it that refract the light to give us a multi-colors shimmer on this otherwise black stone. Come by the shop and check out our selection of Rainbow Obsidian spheres!

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September Product of the Month: Crystal Wands

Crystal Wands are a great tool for healers. They have been used all over the world for centuries to assist in energy healing and alignment.  They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors but all crystal wands work with positive, healing energies. These tools gather energy then direct the energy to where they are pointed, and allow a straight line of healing to go into the person or animal they are used on.

Great wands for beginners include clear quartz, and selenite. These stones are great for gathering, directing, storing and transmitting energies. These types of wands are also easy to work with, and program for all areas of healing. If you are selecting a wand for a specific purpose you will want to find one that contains, or is made of a stone that is aligned with that goal.

Rounded wands can be used in massage therapy to help work out tense muscles, and knots. Pointed wands are great tools to access pressure points in reflexology. All wands can be used to scan the aura, chakras and meridians to locate and clear energy blockages.

Once you have your wand you will want to get to know it! This will be your partner in self-healing as well as the healing of others. Spend some time to get to know your wand. Meditate with it, hold it, and familiarize yourself with its shape, weight, and texture. Sleeping with your wand is a great way to allow your subconscious mind to connect with your new partner as your barriers will come down, and your spirit can speak directly to this new friend.

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Labradorite – Our Featured Stone of the Month

Not only is Labradorite (or as we like to call it Lab) a beautiful stone it is also extremely powerful. The Inuit peoples claim that this stone fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis. It is a stone of magic in every sense of the word, it helps shamans, healers, diviners and all who travel find knowledge and guidance in this world. Lab is excellent for awakening your inner spirit, enhancing psychic abilities and increasing your intuition.  It is one of the most powerful protectors, and creates a shielding force throughout the aura and helps strengthen the natural energies within yourself.

Lab also comes in different colors including gray-green, dark gray, black or grayish white. It is composed of aggregate layers that refract light and give this stone its rainbow effect of peacock blue, blue green and sometimes oranges. Rare varieties of Lab can be gold, or champagne colored.

Wearing this beautiful stone allows ones innate magical abilities to surface. Clairvoyance, telepathy, prophecy and coincidence control are all increased when in the proximity of this stone. It also assists in accessing the Akashic records and past life recall. Lab can ease the transition between worlds, and bring out the best in people, including ourselves!

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A Channeled Message from Thoth & Isis by Aitreyia

Greetings from Sirius …We are here to wish you a wonderful day.

We are here today and with you everyday to help with the healing of humanity. I Isis am here to help with the healing of the divine feminine and masculine….it is time to set aside the battles within you and realize that you carry within you both of the divine. Humanity has been designed to carry both and For many generations now, there has been this separation that has brought much learning yet much confusion.

Men have been battling the feminine and women have been battling the masculine and visa versa. During the development of Egypt, many eons ago….before your memory or history depicts, we were united within ourselves, honoring both the divine. With each and every situation, we knew and know what energy is needed to bring forth harmony. To flow with each situation with greater ease….there was peace on earth.

WE as man and woman, worked together to create paradise….The rivers flowed and there was abundance, there was joy and celebration.

This is why we come to you today…..so you can know that this is still possible…..both Thoth and I are here, among many others to help re-create this time of peace on earth…..I am here to help you to heal the wounds within you and to integrate the to divine aspects that are within you, so that you can return to this harmony that was designed for humanity. When men and women respected one another and flowed in harmony….where women were honored and knew how to represent the feminine God or Goddess, they were proud to be women and did not compete with Men……and where Men were honored to represent the masculine and knew there place a Men, representing the God. There both respected each other and the divine role that they played. Neither was greater or less then, but equal with each other……Each knew who they were and honored that.

In am here to bring healing of the wounds within you and to help you know who you are within yourself. I am here to bring out the divine that you are in all that you are……Call on me as I am of service to you in the light……….Your Loving Isis


A Message from the Future- “The Blue Planet”

The people of Future Earth have recently asked me to periodically channel them. I was fortunate enough to connect with them for the first time around 1995 …..They are very beautiful in their energies and are very divine.

So here is the first of many messages from our children’s -children’s-children. This Channeling is from the time period of 2113 through 2178…..and in time the channeling’s will become smoother as I adapt to their energies….enjoy!

We who speak are your future, of your future. We have now been able to open the channels of communication between us….bringing you guidance and hope for a different world. We are creating bridges of light that span all time and space, to let you know that your efforts are not in vain.

There are those of your time that are living in fear and worry. We say there is nothing to fear. There are many light beings sending energy to the world, helping to support the changes needed at this time. We of the future are relying on your ability to change. For without this change, the future as we know it will not exist.

Some say that the conditions of the world and society are getting worse. We say, do not move into this way of thinking. Look at all the good that is being accomplished at this time. People and country’s working together as never before. You must sort out the truth that lies right before your eyes, often hidden amongst the confusion that negativity creates. If you focus on fear, that is what you will see, or create. If you look for goodness and love, then that is what you find.

We live in a world of peace, where all work in harmony with each other. Where there is no illness or starvation…..Yes, because of you and your willingness to step forward into the light at this time, it will change the ways of the world. Your efforts will created the world that you dream of. Heaven on Earth.

As you have great reverence for your ancestors, so do we for you. We see what you are capable of and all you have done to preserve our world, we learn from you wisdom & strength. You have created us and our world through your love…. for YOU are our Ancestors…..

We ask you to spread your light and share this message, to pass it on to all who will listen….pass it on with love

Know that we are always with you, guiding you all the way…..
With much love…..The Keepers of the Blue Flame

I wish to thank all of you for allowing me into your hearts e

A message from the Masters of Light & Ascension

As the sunlight shines down through the clouds from the heavens above, know that we are with you. As Spirits shines its light upon the planet, these are joyous times for the earth, for change is upon you. A change that we lead to the creation of heaven on earth. As it once was and is meant to be.

Yes my children there are changes and often there is turbulence with change. Know that we are with you helping along the way. That you are being guided and protected through this journey. Ask for these changes to come in a loving and gentle way for you. As you accelerate, ask that you stay in harmony and balance in all areas of your life.

Through out this summer, you are in the midst of change of your own self…..a change that will bring you to a clearer, higher understanding. You are in the process of releasing, or letting go of the past. You are cleaning your closets so to speak. That is why the past is surfacing for so many of you . The past must be settled, or healed and let go. There is no correcting to be done, simply center and come to peace with the past. Do not dwell on or over analyze over what once was, for it is done. Move forward into a bright new beginning.

We need your help at this time, your requests, your prayers……what do you wish, what can we do for you. There are many of us who are awaiting your call, too many to count. Some of us are Masters who once lived on earth so we know the complications and confusions that you face. Many of you are at the early stages of awakening to your gifts and to who you are. For many of you, it is yet to be determined as to what your purpose or role you will play as you awaken.

This is the first time in history that so many of you will be awakened at the same time….What a joyous time indeed…..

With our blessings to you …..the Masters of Light & Ascension

A Message from Mother Earth

Mother Earth Says:

Children of Earth, you are but at the adolescence of change and my new cycle of change begins. There have been many before and there are many to follow. You see I am what you would consider of middle age and have a long way to go before my time expires and I have seen many civilizations come and go. This time, it is my wish to have a peaceful blessing, an easy change. Yes there will be some discomfort to humanity, but not like of the past for I have grown to maturity and find no need to make things more difficult than necessary.

Many are concerned about pollution and the human destruction of earth. I laugh simply because you are like my children who are messing up the house. You have yet to learn, I nurture you and feed you. When you lay your head upon the earth, you are laying in my arms, my bosom. I comfort you like a child, calming you with the beat of my heart. And as our hearts begin to beat as one, then there is peace.

This is my prayer, please make it yours.

Dear Spirit of Heaven and Earth, hear our prayer.
We ask that you help us and mother earth to return to a way that once was.
Where we lived in harmony with each other and worked together. Where heaven and earth were one.
Where people lived in harmony with nature and gave back.
Where we saw the blessing and beauty of earth. The gift of being human.
Please bring these changes in a loving and gently way and help us to embrace these changes with open hearts.

With the beat of my heart, I wish you to pass this on to others so that we may pray together as one.

Your Loving Mother…Earth

A Special Message from The SUPER MOON, Grandmother Moon.

As I, Grandmother Moon, draw closer to the earth, I feel deeply blessed with your honoring me with your ceremonies at this time. I am flattered that you would give me such a grand name, It is I who honor you, people of Earth, with your devotion to the light. This month is special indeed as I bring a promise, a hope for a new world. The portals within me are open to you, to all. I am the opening to the God Mind.

Many of you are beginning to awaken to your true nature and are searching for a different way. You feel restless and confusion within. You are returning to the ways of Spirit, yet you are living in a world of duality. Spirit knows no duality, Spirit just is. There are many Masters here offering their guidance and direction along the way and I am here at this time, to provide you with the energies necessary to move into higher consciousness.

Through these portals that I open to you are the answers that you seek, are the energies needed to move to the next level of awareness. The doorways open to you, are an opportunity to re-connect or re-unite with Spirit, the Spirit within. This can sometimes be daunting and overwhelming. To be able to experience and know the expansiveness of all that there is. However the portals open at this time will bring you to quicker awareness with greater ease.

On this day and throughout the next month, the door will be way open for all who wish to enter into a new consciousness or should I say an old one You see Children of earth, there once was a time when all people lived in peace and harmony, honoring the ways of Spirit, of God.

This is the way of humanity since the dawn of time…somewhere in time, people lost their way of being. There is no one or nothing to blame, just a fluke of nature. You were not designed to live in pain, suffering or dysfunction. As curiosity grew, people started wandering and exploring and simply lost their way. It is time to return to the ways of Spirit.

Jump into my energy and I will take you home. Home to yourself. I embrace you with my light and my love. As My devotion to Earth and the People of Earth. I send my Blessings to All