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The “House of Many Rooms” has always been one of my favorite presentations.  Several years ago, my guides came to me and explained that by looking at the different rooms in our home, we can see what is happening with us on our spiritual path.  It is a fun way to look at your life, what’s happening and how it affects you on a spiritual level.

Fall time is a great time to let go of the past by cleaning out the house.  This workshop introduces a new way of working with the home to create more harmony and balance in your life, plus help guide you through your path.  It will also help those who have dreams about houses and how to interpret the meanings of the dream.

For example, when we look at the front yard, it represents our future, what we see ahead of us, while the closets and drawers represent the hidden parts of who we are.

So let’s get ready for the holiday season with cleaning the home and making plenty of space for welcoming all the wonderful new things coming our way in the New Year!

Come join me on September 26th at 10am for “A House of Many Rooms.”  Cost: $20


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