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Created by twogaam

The burning of incense and herbs to enhance the senses and heal the body and soul has been practiced since ancient times by almost every culture and spiritual belief system. Today the practice of smudging is still as essential as it was centuries ago to carry your prayers to the Divine Spirit. With a bit of guidance and the right tools and understanding, smudging can renew peace in your soul and faith in your world.

• Do you, or have you practiced smudging but never been quite sure about the hows and whys of the actions?
• Do you want to try smudging but think that it may only work for Shamans or Spiritual leaders?
• Do you know the reason and purpose of the different tools and incenses used in smudging?

Knowledge is a powerful force and with the knowledge of smudging, you can gain tools to create a more powerful and successful life and bring about change in both your world and the world of those around you.


With prayer and the directed incense, you can bring yourself or a loved one through an illness or out of a state of uncertainty. You can cleanse and protect your new home from negativity and empower yourself to succeed in your newest endeavor. To help you on your quest to understand and succeed at Smudging we offer.

Presented by Tari Parish

Cost: $25 per person

A new collection of Smudging Fans will be offered at this workshop to attendees at reduced prices.


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