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Tarot cards

are one of the most common tools for intuitive’s and psychics to use. Tarot, above most other tools, seem to possess a collective depth and insight that can answer any question, and clear up any confusion. They are used for self growth, inner insight, and as an oracle for past, present, and future.
Their origin is shrouded in mystery and there are many versions of where they came from and how they developed. Many historians have tried to untangle the myriad of myths and fable connected with the birth and evolution of Tarot, but to no avail. We still don’t really know where it came from. Whatever the truth about the origin of the Tarot, it has developed into a powerful tool for self-understanding, spiritual growth, and divination.

Come learn to use this wonderful tool Saturday, September 16th!
We have both a beginner and an advanced class taught by Silverwolf.

Tarot Level 1 – 10-12 ($45)

Please register in advance by calling 520-744-4402!
Bring your own deck or check out the ones we have for sale!


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