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Hi. my name is Coleen Hall and every third Thursday, we have a speaker who comes and talks about reincarnation. This month, that speaker will be me! I will be talking about the healing benefits of past life regression. On March 25th, I went to a short seminar facilitated by Dr. Brian Weiss. I have been following him and his teachings since early 1990. He has a few videos on youtube that will help you do some meditations and some past life self regressions. We were amazed at the level of success he has had in healing so many people with this technique! Some of my fellow ACIM friends and I would like to share our experiences with you. Please join us as we take a trip into the world of past life pain and healing. The class starts at 5:30. It is a donation only event. We really appreciate your donations! Hope to see you there! Namaste

Cost: $5-$10 Recommended Donation


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