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Presenting Amadeus Mozart who will be channeling his messages and answering a question from you through me!


Raised in Tucson, Frances moved to California in 1978 after her marriage to Kevin. They moved up and down the west coast finally settling in Orange County 30 years ago. Together they raised four children. They celebrated 40 years of marriage on October 28th.

Frances found herself surrounded with spiritual people who helped to bring solace back into her life after the death of their son, Damon. She began meditation which soothed her soul.  Digging further into Spirituality, she also took a class in automatic writing where she first saw the image of Amadeus. Following this introduction, she learned how to channel in 2007. Stepping out of the way of her own ego, she allowed the spirit of Amadeus to come through her voice box.

During a talk at a holistic fair, Frances was informed by Amadeus that he was her brother in the lifetime of Amadeus Mozart. She was Nannrl Mozart his older sister. Completely stunned, she tried to deny the information, but he persisted, and she brought it to the audience. Months followed and Frances made the decision to allow a pastlife regression with her friend who is a hypnotherapist. There in the black recliner, she saw herself in a parlor playing the violin and her younger brother, Amadeus sitting at the piano. Tears rolled down her cheeks at this verification. Three years ago, she traveled to Salzburg to visit the house she and Amadeus grew up in and finally, visited her grave site when she was known as Nannrl. As she stood there, she distinctively heard the words, “You have the energy, there is nothing here for you”. She realized she had come full circle and Nannrl had been confirmed for the last time.

Why is Amadeus with her? He has explained that he has come to this lifetime to repay the Karma from that old lifetime together. He talks through her to help her bringer her life’s purpose to all. She is to teach love of self. This love of self, had to be learned by her. She had to process what it means to love herself first so she could teach it to others. She has accomplished this and will reveal that journey in her new book, ‘Loving the Me in Me’ which is in the publisher’s hands. Along the journey, she honed her psychic and mediumship skills and continues to study with other teachers while teaching meditation, automatic writing, channeling and other studies.


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