Handmade Lavender Products

Pamper your body, home and taste buds with the natural, handmade lavender products by Trista and 
Spirit Energetics Frequency.    The entire process from beginning to end is infused with Reiki energy and 
love to ensure all the awesome benefits of the lavender and natural ingredients support the body, mind, 
spirit and environment. 

If you would like to purchase any of these fine products, swing on by the store or give us a call! 520-744-4402



Trista’s Bio:

Trista was raised as the 5th generation on the family’s 2000+ acre Kansas farm and ranch where they grew corn and wheat and alfalfa to feed the cattle they raised. She moved to Tucson, AZ in 1986 after graduating college and never looked back after the first winter without blizzards! After years spent
working in restaurants and doing bookkeeping/office management, Trista earned two Master’s degrees and a second Bachelor’s degree (all in the health care field). She spent 12 years as a commissioned officer with the U.S. Public Health Service and Indian Health Services under the Surgeon General rising to the rank of Commander.

Having the opportunity to make a major career change, Trista chose to combine her desire for natural, homemade products, health care background, Reiki and love of lavender with her farming roots background. Spirit Energetics Freequency was born and Trista started creating various lavender products and offering Reiki sessions on a full-time basis. After numerous requests by local shop owners and from hearing over and over again during her 12 years with Indian Health Services that the medicine men and women were having difficulty obtaining sweet grass and white sage for their ceremonies, she started growing sweet grass. In a few years, she hopes to start a small lavender farm to grow her own lavender and distill her own essential oil as well as grow white sage.


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