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Aitreyia is the well-known local psychic who owns SpiritsChild Metaphysical Gift Shop in Tucson, AZ. Since 2002, SpiritsChild has provided tools, classes, and workshops which build a support system for people who are on their spiritual journey.

Since childhood, Aitreyia has had an affinity for angels. She came from a dysfunctional family, and wasn’t certain what her angelic connection meant. Around 1980, she learned to read Tarot cards and this ability opened a new world of experiences.

Aitreyia says that when she started in the psychic world, it was a rough energy. Eventually, she integrated spiritual awareness into her psychic practice and everything changed. She learned to communicate with Spirit Guides, angels, archangels, and Master Teachers. They assist her when reading for clients. How does this work? In order to convey messages, she talks to her Spirit Guides and angels, and to her client’s Guides, angels, and spirit. Aitreyia has telepathy with the Guides and angels, and knows the words to share with customers. In addition, she often channels messages directly from the angels and Guides to her clients.

Aitreyia also communicates with deceased loved ones, but often finds that their advice isn’t as useful as the advice from Guides and angels. When she first starting seeing angels, she saw them as tall, short, gold, or blue. Now, she sees their higher form as a ball, or a beam, of light.
Aitreyia has survived two near-death experiences. She is also a “walk-in.” When a little girl was strangled at only three years of age, Aitreyia’s spirit was able to enter the body and continue that little girl’s life. The decision to walk into that body was made with Jesus and an angel by her side.

In the 1990s, Aitreyia ran an angel shop in downtown Tucson. She provided readings for clients. After that shop closed, she traveled. Wherever she went, she provided readings and energy work. Then, in 2002, she opened the new shop.

Angel pg 3At night, Aitreyia takes classes with her Guides. This is especially important when she has several healing sessions scheduled the following day. The Guides teach her new techniques to assist clients. While Aitreyia is considered a healer, she doesn’t think of herself that way. She provides the energy which allows people to change themselves. Their spirit has to want the change.

In the last few years, her work has evolved to focus more on mental illness. She is here to eradicate mental illness when that is desired by Spirit. Many spiritual teachers are helping her learn the techniques she needs for this work.

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Our Teachers, Readers and Practitioners


Coleen Hall works with her spirit guides, her pendulum and her soul cards to help you find the answers you are looking for.


Misty Brizendine works with tarot and the blessed assistance of her personal guides in order to; answer questions and connect with spirit to deliver messages. The focus her guides take is generally on bringing ease and clarity to the seeker.


Bonnie Smith can connect you with your past lives and help you heal by learning what you are holding onto from the past and helping you let it go so you can move forward.