Grape Agate (Purple Chalcedony) + Moonstone Pendant Necklace

A dazzling pendant features naturally-bonded spheres of Purple Chalcedony (Grape Agate) paired with a beautiful pearlescent Moonstone. Wear this unique piece to bring forth your inner Goddess, promote intuition and embrace divine peace.

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Healing Qualities and Metaphysical Properties of Grape Agate:

Grape Agate fills us with the energetic river of peace, stability and self-confidence.
• Helps balance the Crown Chakra
• Facilitates powerful meditation
• Promotes intuition, security and inner stability
• Connects us to the divine feminine and goddess energies
• Encourages lucid and prophetic dreaming

Healing Qualities and Metaphysical Properties of Moonstone:

Moonstone heightens intuition, combats stress and fosters good fortune and love.
• Helps balance the Sacral, Third Eye and Crown Chakras
• Brings forth luck
• Balances the spirit
• Promotes emotional stability and heals emotional rifts
• Connects us to the energy of the moon and power of the feminine